What we do

No one has escaped from the tight grip of today’s fast- paced competitive world that we live in. To stay afloat, individuals often compromise their inner well-being and health. In the bargain, a huge chunk of life is lost in maneuvering through this maze. Mental and emotional health takes a huge hit when priorities change.

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in awareness on such pressing matters. However, seeking the best ‘Counselor’ is a challenge as there are a varied bouquet of choices. The search could indeed be a daunting one. We, at Catharsis, work on the principles of ‘Building emotional strength’. This motto forms the core of every facility we offer. Emotional support could be provided in many different ways taking into consideration an individual’s mental, emotional and spiritual needs. The initiations we offer are Chakra balancing, Bach flower remedies, Initiations to Tarot, Tai-chi and Reiki.

Chakra Balancing Workshop: Due to the unfiltered information available to us about the Chakras, only limited information sheds light on the immense power of the Chakras. Hindu temples were designed around this important concept. There are 7 chakras and each one plays an indispensable role in our lives. Balancing these chakras enhances harmony thus increasing our ability to manage challenges that life throws at us.

Bach Flower Remedy: Humans are an emotionally driven species. When faced with a dilemma, we most often then not, react to it emotionally when we could possibly have been more logical or analytical. Bach flower remedy is the perfect remedy to break existing patterns to find harmonious solutions.

Reiki: Most esoteric healing techniques are challenging as they require effort, patience and time. We teach you techniques that you can effectively use in your daily routines and also experience instant relief.

Tarot Reading: Tarot reading is a powerful form of getting important information through an ancient deck of cards. This technique requires years of practice and connection with the Higher self. We offer unique solutions by integrating channeling and learning.

Meditations: We offer group as well as individual sessions. For the group, the requirements would be guided by the members of that particular group . For individual meditation, it implies the inclusion of addressing specific needs and emotions.


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