Abundance vs Contentment

There has always been this stiff debate about abundance and contentment. Does having a lot of money, or our social status or even our qualifications decide this? Where does this quest begin and end? How much is enough? This is a million dollar question.

This conversation is endless because someone who lives in a small apartment would definitely dream of owning a big mansion. Or a jobless person would be extremely happy to have finally got a well paying job. Or when a student feels ecstatic when he bags a seat in an esteemed University of his choice. Or for that matter, a hungry person would experience bliss if he were served a plateful of food. Hence, the idea of having enough is subjective and would be difficult to define.

Think of this for a moment. Are you breathing? This means you are alive. Are you happy that you are able to move and do physical activities? This is proof that you are healthy. If you are able to understand and follow what I’m saying, then that implies that you have the unique ability to think and understand. If you do agree with my ideas or thoughts, then you are capable of forming your own views and opinions which is a byproduct of your learnings and education. This is also a gift. A gift of your hardwork and perseverance that you have put, to achieve results.

These are very basic examples of what we need to be grateful for. Our body, our reflexes, our ability to think and react or respond, making choices. These are all gifts that we possess as humans. These gifts are unique and very subjective. Each one of us has a personal gift granted to us by the Divine. To top it all, we live on a beautiful planet with elements conducive to our living and growth. Can we not be content with these bespoke abilities and feel abundant?