Corporate programs

The corporate programs offered by Catharsis can broadly be classified as standard programs or customized programs..

Under the standard program we offer pre-made modules, our flagship offering being the ‘Top 5 Emotions’. Here, we present the top 5 emotions and talk about how they affect us in our workspace and how we can manage them.

The customized programs require more time and planning. Here, I would need to meet with the management and/or HR and understand what the need of the organization is. I also need to get a sense of the prevalent work culture in the organization. Only after knowing and understanding these, I suggest a program. Such a program is designed to meet that specific need of the organization which has been discussed.

Apart from these, there is a very niche offering.

It is called ‘Leadership Coaching’. Sometimes corporate environments are ruthless and involve too much politics. It could be particularly stressful to get work done in a toxic environment. In such cases, when CEOs or Managers or anyone in a leadership role can reach out to me. What I offer to them is personal hand holding for a period of 6 months or 1 year. This help makes them able to view things with a different perspective and thereby, coping with their new responsibilities and workspace.

Add the following to inquiry section FAQ WIP

  • Mention the 5 emotions we cover under this presentation
  • Also mention the other programs we can offer such as CB
  • Mention the duration of the program, minimum required number of participants, and what preparations need to be carried out such as required database, space, food arrangements etc
  • Energy exchange
  • For customized mention details of how many meetings with whom required, time required to chalk out the program, how many sessions of the program, etc (same as standard program)


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