About 23 years ago I set out on a mission. The mission was to discover myself. At this time I had no clear vision of the road ahead. To an outsider my life was perfect. But internally I was confused. Because I constantly found myself feeling restless and discontent. No matter what I achieved I felt worthless and incomplete. During this time I came across a certain Chinese philosophy, called the cosmic Trinity of Luck.

It spoke about the three kinds of fortunes or luck that is granted to us and impacts the course of our lives. It influences and contributes to a large extent how we end up living out our lives. The first one is what is called Heaven Luck. This is what is referred to as karma. It comprises an individual’s DNA, their fate, place of birth and the soul contract one is born with. The second one is Earth Luck. It is represented by the physical environment which we live in. It can be altered and enhanced to create optimum results in health, success, reputation, family bonds, relationships and even wealth. The third one is called Human Luck. It works through our free will, intentions and thoughts and spirituality.

In due course of time I forgot about this concept. And although I didn’t realize it at the time, it had left a deep impression on my subconscious mind. As I progressed in my journey I came across various techniques which I inculcated in my life. And I found that each of these techniques helped me to enhance and balance these three Trinities in my life. And this is ultimately what led me to my life purpose.Over the years I have assisted many others to optimize their environments and their lives too through it.

As I mentioned earlier, my quest for self discovery led me to explore and experiment with different healing techniques and modalities.As I came closer to understanding my life purpose, my path to manifesting it started emerging. And I formally instituted Catharsis in the year 2005.

And what does Catharsis do? Its aim is to make ordinary the new extraordinary. We are programmed to believe that excellence is a virtue and everyone must strive for it. Most of us relate Excellence with perfection. And as a result we have ended up connecting perfection with success and happiness. My philosophy at Catharsis is to unlearn this concept. I coach people in the art of being ordinary. Because ordinary is the platform from which the extraordinary is built upon. You cannot take away or cancel your imperfections, however you can transform them by working with them instead of against them.