Training the mind. What does that even mean? I understand how to exercise my body but please don’t ask me to meditate. I can’t meditate as I’m not a spiritual person or I can’t handle silence. Have you heard people say this?

Dismissing the mind and concentrating on the body is easy and of course has visible results. When we work on our bodies we can achieve fabulous results and also garner compliments. This is what we, as humans, thrive on. But, why work on training the mind when one can’t even see immediate results?

Let me explain. Working on the mind may not, in the conventional definition, mean immediate results. But I assure you that this would definitely help you to develop a healthy mind space in order to think more positively and also lead a promising life.

Now, this must be difficult, you may think. Give me a listen.

The mind functions all the time. Through thoughts like planning, strategizing logical sequencing, reasoning and many more life skills. Do you realise that a basic life skill like cooking, requires the ability to have a logical order? Adding ingredients in a preparation also requires the mind to stategise. Another simple everyday activity of choosing what to wear too, requires logic of understanding fashion, sensitivity in adapting trends, and being creative in order to be presentable.

We need to keep our mind active also because we need to remember a lot of essential things like passwords, etc. I do not intend to scare you but medically, too it is proven that keeping the mind active saves individuals from debilitating diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or any issues related to the brain.

It’s easy to engage in simple activities like reading, drawing, knitting, craft, creating zentangles or even dancing. Engaging the mind in solving word and number puzzles like Sudoku on a regular basis can help the mind to stay active and healthy and be in a zone of peace and tranquillity. Engaging in less stressful activities helps the brain to function to its optimum. These simple activities performed regularly help the mind to declutter, become more productive and also less stressed. An active mind is often able to make sagacious or well thought-out life decisions and most importantly, save the body from miserable sufferings because of weak mental faculties. What are your ‘Zero zone activities’?