I have often observed that we take care of our body and mind only when we are face a health scare. Have you also wondered about the same? During and post Covid, many people took to following regular exercise schedules and also eating healthy. Wasn’t this a byproduct of the insecurity we faced when life had become priceless? When death was literally knocking on our doors? It is a natural human tendency to ignore what we possess and to obsess over things we don’t have. We are all in some invisible race, running behind some unknown goals, hustling for some additional income or setting targets for the future. In this fast paced and competitive environment we need to wake up to the fact that we can actually achieve all that and more only if we have a well -oiled and efficient machinery, our bodies. Simple physical exercise routines, some breathing techniques and mindfulness can help us wade through difficult situations. Once a simple routine is set the only hurdle would be, consistency. It is even more important today, than ever, to work on our bodies. With the discovery of new strains of viruses and imbalances in our environment it is now imperative that we learn to love and shower attention to our bodies and address mental well being. This would not only help us to be able to succeed in our future endeavours but also live a quality life. Do you have a simple health routine?