Our retreats are very different from other retreats.

In one way they are an extension of personal consultation because I observe each participant individually and based on that assign activities which they have to do alone or in a group. However, it is an advanced form of personal consultation as it is like a capsule. It is 3 days packed with so much take-away. That is what makes these retreats powerful and potent. It is generally for people who are looking to spiritually advance themselves. But I would advise to do my other workshops before doing my retreat. This is because even though it is a group, the retreat is more intimate. Besides, what will be the flow of the retreat is not planned in advance. It is spontaneous and the group energy guides the flow of the retreat.

Add the following in the inquiry section

  • It would be conducted off site
  • Food and accommodation is provided
  • It is for 3 days, usually weekend
  • All details of what the participant needs to carry will be shared once the group is formed