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Rajiv Parmar, 26, Mumbai.

“Have known her for long now….. gorgeous looking person… will lift u up if ever u need a hand (provided u ask the right questions :P)…u know her and im sure u will have something good to say about her ….cheerzzzz!! keep in tch”

Lavanya, 35, Chennai.

I have known Sandhya for 2 years now. I was going through a very tough phase in life when I first met her. She has been a great support during very traumatic experiences in my life. She has helped me heal a lot of scars and grow spiritually. Cannot be where I am today, without her support. Thank you, Sandhya.

Narendra Soni, 33, Mumbai.

Its my privilege to pen down something about you. Becoming a digital artist, I would say that your perception of praying is so powerful that I feel reboot myself. All the caches of thoughts are recycled, which block my mind. What is left after is serenity of mind and confidence to go ahead. My best wishes to you as ever.


Sandhya is a very warm and friendly person.Her calm and peaceful nature gave me the confidence to go for the meeting with an open mind. She is a very keen listener and encouraged me to speak my heart out after which she spoke and gave some advice and few tips to follow. The meeting helped me encounter my innermost thoughts,fears,insecurities in a very positive way and instilled a sense of confidence in me. The healing experience was emotional,spiritual and refreshing. I came out of the room with a better attitude and clear mind.

Gauthami, Chennai.

Words cannot express my gratitude I felt when I initially met Sandhyaashree. Her approach is simple and neat. She sorted the mess in my life with her healing touch.

Sunder, Chennai.

I consulted Sandhyaashree for my career issues. Through her tarot reading she helped me pick the right job. Till today I am happy about the decision I took. She is a lighthouse to all the sailors.