I was born in Madras (Chennai now) on 1st February 1976 into an urban middle class family, the third daughter with 2 loving older sisters.

It does sound like a cliché but my work was a calling. A lot of my childhood experiences seem to have prepared me and led me to who and where I am, today.

My earliest memory is maybe from the age of 3. I clearly remember that I often felt vibrations around me. I would constantly hear voices which did not exist in human form. These voices were always around me, guiding me in my daily life. My soul felt that I had a greater purpose and I needed to go towards it. I did not feel or think like other children my age.

An incident on my 8th birthday really brought to the fore this disconnect that I had always felt. Like all kids, I was excited to go to school dressed in new clothes, carrying a box of chocolates to distribute to my classmates. As soon as I reached school, I was welcomed by a huge group of children who were showering their attention on me and I loved it. But suddenly, something in me wondered – ‘Why am I not made to feel special every day? Why am I not able to experience this joy every day? What is it about today that was not there yesterday?’

I vividly remember standing in the long corridor of my school and asking a good friend of mine, ‘Today I have this box of chocolates, so you are with me. Tomorrow if I don’t have this box of chocolates will you still be with me?’ ‘No!’she replied loudly.Something in me changed. For the first time I saw myself in two forms. One, that happily played and had fun with my friends and another Me that stood right there in the corridor as if she had learnt one of life’s most important lessons.I did my best to not be so different though, telling myself that 8 year olds don’t think that way!

Life went on and so did my spiritual journey without any guidance or interference, for that matter. My parents were atheists then and so we had no pictures of God at home.

I was around 10 years old when on weekends I often used to take a nap after a delicious Sunday lunch. I would often have a vision of a particular male God adorned with jewelry. I could not recognize him because I had not seen a picture of him before. I tried to describe him to my Mom, but she dismissed it saying that maybe I’m watching too much television. I continued to have this image appear in my dreams until one day I woke up from my nap to wash my face.This was the time in Madras when the city had water shortages during summer. Hence, water was stored in buckets and drums for later use. As I was about to cup my palms to splash on my face, there was a printed photo of the same God from my dreams, floating on the water. Perplexed, shocked and confused, I ran to my Mom with the wet image and said ‘Amma, this is the person who comes in my dreams!’ My Mom replied, ‘This is Lord “Shanmuga”, also known as “Kartikeya” and “Muruga”.

This experience revealed another layer of me, urging me deeper towards my core. On my 11th birthday I had a real life experience which left a big impact on me. Again, it was my Birthday and I had gone shopping with my Mom. It should have been the most wonderful, happy day but for some reason I was sad and dull. My inner self was in a turmoil that I could not express. I kept listening, I kept staring. I kept looking for some messages. Then, just as we had to cross the road to reach the shop, I saw images of blood on the road. The visual kept appearing, so I immediately forced my Mom to return home because I felt that someone at home had got hurt.We reached home in a rush and to my Mom’s surprise we heard that my eldest sister had met with an accident. This incident made it clear to me that there was a supreme power communicating with me. But, I was lost. I did not know how to further myself on this unique, unnerving journey. My parents were aware of my sharp instincts and my Dad advised me to just let it be – not think too much about it.

I grew up like most girls, ambitious and wanted to be financially independent and smart. Therefore, from the age of 15 to 25, everything I did was aimed towards achieving independence in every way. Despite my best efforts, all my successes were short-lived. I often found myself feeling low and sad and through it all, I would constantly hear a voice telling me ‘You have greater work to do’. By this time, I was also married and blessed with two beautiful daughters who kept me busy.

Soon after, I discovered alternate healing techniques like Reiki, Bach Flower, Acupressure, NLP Techniques, Tarot, Tai Chi, and Qigong. It was like a doorway had been opened and I wanted to try everything. All the techniques came to me very naturally and effortlessly. I felt a very strong past life connection to all of these ancient healing techniques and I then embarked on my journey of becoming a Life Coach, to work with people using the inborn talent I was gifted with. It gave me a lot of contentment and I was much happier.
I knew that being a Healer and Life Coach to so many people was a huge responsibility. But little did I know that I also had a responsibility to myself. After a few years of practicing my work, I had to move to Mumbai where I practiced for a year or so. Strangely enough, I then experienced a spiritual bankruptcy during my sessions. My inner voice and the Masters through whom I channeled advised me to take a break from this work. I had inadvertently harmed myself by exposing myself to negative energies.

I went on a sabbatical for almost 3 years to build my energy back to its optimum. I resumed my practice in Mumbai again and decided to take on clients only after meditating on their name and date of birth. There were two reasons for this: 1) to assess my role in the prospective client’s life; and 2) to check if the querent is ready to receive.

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you have been curious about my spiritual journey. I deeply appreciate and admire all Energy Workers and have tremendous faith in God. This journey however would be incomplete if I didn’t make a special mention of my Guru, Mr. Balakumar. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards my Guru – Balakumar Sir. I owe a lot to him for the person I have become today, for all his love, help and support. He was and will always be my Guru, friend and companion.