Sevaa refers to selfless work. It is a ‘Mastercard’ that humans have to be able to help or provide aid to fellow beings, animals, flora and fauna without any specific agenda. As a race, it is important to give back to the society that we cohabit with so many less privileged beings with no specific expectations or returns!

In the past, people rendered help to the underprivileged, challenged or needy individuals as a way of life. It was considered as a responsibility for individuals to incorporate in their daily lives. It was also considered as another path to serve the Divine.

‘Atithi devo bhava’ (Guest is revered as God) or ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (the world is one family) were etched in the minds of individuals. These teachings helped people understand the need to support each other most often, selflessly. Due to this very attitude, neighbourhoods and localities grew stronger and people experienced healthy and satisfying relationships.

There are individuals even today who contribute to various serious causes but they choose to remain incognito. They choose to help without revealing their identities or from behind the curtain.

However, in this age of technology and the fast changing expectations of social media ,things have changed. The need to be visible is gaining immense importance . Initiatives to participate in tree plantation drives, beach cleaning activities, saving stray animals to find shelter or even providing food to them or even contributing towards old age homes or less privileged children organisations are often splashed in newsreels, magazines and other media. These are most often maintained as a record in the form of photographs or posts / reels on social media and to attract more views or likes.

Selfless help or Sevaa is that pure feeling of abundance that we experience when we are presented with difficult situations that require from us only selfless love, immense gratitude for the Divine and the ability to give back wholeheartedly what we’ve already received. Let me know what Sevaa means to you.