Spirituality and religion

The two are related but also different from each other.

Religion is highly organised and follows a specific set of fixed beliefs and practices. It needs to be taught and practiced.

Spirituality, on the other hand is personal. Since, it’s a ‘solo journey’ there are no rigid rules or guidelines. In a quest to discover the unknown, it nudges individuals to embark on a journey of self discovery. Because this path is non specific, each one has their own unique exploration style and route. The emphasis on being in the now and finding joy in the present, changes the disposition of one’s way of looking at life. Accepting differing opinions, being optimistic, extending help to others and being less judgmental are some of the qualities one develops along the way. Another aspect of spirituality is to see the Divine in all. When this realisation dawns, individuals become more kind and especially respectful of Mother nature and the different life forms we coexist with. It’s important to understand that love and compassion are the key to happiness. Each one of us has a core responsibility to make the world a happier and joyful place. One step at a time in the direction of peace can go a long way to create a beautiful world.

Is it even possible to find peace and harmony in today’s competitive world, you may ask? It is even more important in this cutthroat world to help each other. The joy of being helpful is unparalleled and leads to a more satisfying experience called Life.

What do you do to find your inner strength and balance?