Tai Chi instructor

Tai Chi originated in ancient China. There are accounts of where and how it originated, but much of the history of the ancients often is not exact. Tai Chi draws from ancient traditional medicine and martial arts techniques and Qigong. Although it was initially a martial art form, today it is practiced the world over mainly as a way to maintain physical well-being.

Chi means life energy force. So, Tai Chi aims at a smooth and powerful flow of life-force energy through our body. Basically, it comprises gentle movements that create a symphony between mind and body. It can effectively do so because it works on 3 aspects-

Movements are gentle and controlled. This slows down the heart rate and alleviates anxiety and stress.

There is a focus on maintaining the correct posture.

The form is very important. This aids the flow of chi in a manner that helps a person be physically and mentally healthy.

Movements are slow and graceful. So the body is relaxed but not loose. This brings attention to the body as you can feel every stretch and movement.

Some learn it as a form of martial art, some as a physical movement, some as a form of balancing yin and yang. What I have found is that it clears energy blocks.

It can be practiced anywhere, open or closed space. You need no equipment or preparation.